Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weekly Moving

 We believe in pasture rotation.  We haven't always.  But after seeing what livestock can do to pasture (pretty much eating it down to a moonscape, but leaving weeds) I researched pasture rotation.  Since we don't use any chemicals on our farm, and therefore, don't spray for weeds, I wanted to discover how people did it back in the day before nasty chemicals.  They moved their livestock daily, and weekly.  We decided to give it a try.  Pigs are rough on pasture.  It's a fact, but a fact we will use to our advantage.  They are the ultimate tillers, and we plan on exploiting their gifts.  We moved the pigs on the above lot for one week.  Surrounded by 400 ft of electric netting we bought at Premier One Fencing.  We use a 1 joule solar charger.  It's AMAZING!

After one week, it looked like the above pic.  So, we moved them again.  They rooted up stones, and turned over this rich soil, leaving behind manure. We will let it rest for about 10-12 weeks.  By that time, the whole grains we feed, in addition to the residual grass roots left behind, will have reseeded and it will be lush and thick again.  We will put them back on it.  See how it works?

We moved them to a larger lot full of trees, brush, thickets of ferns and of course, their favorite--grass.  We added 200 ft of fence so now they have an area of 600 ft of fence surrounding them.  They have already started eating the brush and undergrowth. 

Pigs are smart, so a busy pig is a happy pig.  They have friends, and lots of work to do.

They know their job, and they do it well.

Big Momma loves being out on pasture and woods.  Look at her round belly full of babies!

This is the moonscape reseeded.  This is barley, rye, maybe some oats and wheat.  The whole grains in their food, have already started to sprout to cover up the bare earth left behind.  SCORE!

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