Friday, May 5, 2017

The Grass Is Greener

We've been moving the cattle and horses around to access the best grass available.  This is called rotational grazing.  In the pic below, you can see the grass on the left is brown and eaten down.  The grass on the right is green and lush.  It's separated by 2 strands of poly tape.  It CAN be hooked up to and energizer to keep it hot, but honestly, our animals are terrified of it, we don't have it hooked up.  We do have secure perimeter fencing around this 10 acre pasture, so if they were to get out, they would still be contained. 

Once we moved the animals over, the grass on the left will have time to rejuvenate and grow lush again.  The goal is to keep them on one side for a minimum of 4 weeks to interrupt the lifecycle of any parasites in their poo.  Plus, we have the chickens out there and they are scratching and picking through that manure.  It's an awesome symbiotic relationship.