Monday, February 6, 2017

Sorry About That...

I,'s been a while since I set finger to keyboard to blog.  I have a good excuse, I promise.  We're moving!  This is such an answer to prayer and the reason for my current stress.  Moving a household is child's play.  It's moving from room to room, packing each room up, labeling boxes, and then on moving day, you load the boxes into a van and take them to your new home.  VIOLA!  Easy! 

Yeah, no.  That's now how we roll here at Thornberry Ridge.  We are moving our household, going room by room, but we are moving the boxes into a storage unit, or three.  We have bought 24 acres 30 miles north and need to orchestrate getting water, power, and septic out there.  We need to ensure the fencing is flawless, because good fences make for good neighbors and all.  We need to move our farm.  All 19 pigs, 5 cows, 3 horses, 26 chickens, hay, a tractor, tools, tack, equipment, and do it so that nothing suffers in the transition. 

We are going to start building our dream home in March.  But may be wondering where we will be living in the mean time?  I wondered that too.  We are going to buy a camper and live on our land so we can be close to the animals.  Yup.  Craziness.  But we don't do anything normally.  We will be buying a 35 ft camper and the 5 of us will live there in harmonious bliss.  HA!  I do think it will be fun and an adventure.  During the warmer months we are rarely inside but to sleep, eat and shower.  I'm blessed that my kids aren't addicted to TV and video games.  I know we will have moments of insanity, but we can do anything for 6-9 months.  Right?

So, as I type, we are having the appraisal done on our home for the prospective buyers, and we have almost filled a whole storage unit up with boxes. 

Please pray for us during this adventure and I will document the insanity step by step...