Monday, April 24, 2017

Master Storage...

I've shown you the major rooms of the camper, except for the master bedroom.  It's HUGE.  Not.  It basically holds a RV Queen mattress (shorter than an average sized one), the surrounding cabinets, and about 18" on either side.  I have mentioned to get dressed in the living room, right?  Please don't come by uninvited.  You may get an eye full.  ha!

 This is our bed.  We have taken out the "luxury mattress" that was sold with the camper because it was hard as a rock.  We invested $250 in a memory foam RV Queen and it is worth its weight in GOLD.  It's sooooo comfy.  I got it on 

On my side above my wardrobe, Shannon bought little $1 totes to hold socks and underwear.  It's a great way to stay organized.  I have a few t-shirts and jeans folded up there as well.

Every week or so, I change out my wardrobe.  I work in a professional environment, and can't look homeless, so I try to keep it casual but nice at the same time.  I have coordinated my outfits with jewelry and shoes so I look like my old self.  I have 2 totes under the camper that I pull from.  Organization is key when living in small quarters.  Shannon has done the exact same thing on his side, so I didn't feel the need to showcase his personals, but you get the idea.  So, this is how we do our room! 

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