Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How Can We?

They are seriously cute.  Most people that know me ask how I can eat them.  I understand their feelings of guilt, attachment, fondness over all things cute and small and cuddly.  But these little piggies are only 2 weeks old.  In 4 months, they will be HUGE.  I mean, 250 lbs, HUGE.  They wont be so cute.  They will be sleeping and rooting and getting into mischief, like all pigs do.  They are smart, too.  I love Jesus, but sometimes I cuss pigs.  I have to out think them every day.  We raise them on pasture, where they are free take naps in the sunshine, drink fresh water, eat grass (when available in the spring, summer and fall), eat apples out of our neighbor's yard and get belly scratches from my kids.  They have such a great life while here on earth.  They are not confined in a building with a concrete pad, bored out of their minds, getting sick.  They are not fed antibiotics as a preventative.  They are not given growth hormones.  They are given love and respect.  That's how we are able to eat them.  We can't imagine eating pork that isn't raised like this.  That's how. 

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