Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hard Decisions

This was Mable Virginia.  We bought this sweet Dexter heifer to breed and be our family milk cow.  What do they say, "If you want to see God laugh, all you have to do is plan?"  Well, I don't think God was laughing, and I know we weren't.  We bought her in 2014 and after being with 2 bulls, and several attempts to AI her, she never settled.  Our vet, whom I trust implicitly, said multiple times that Mable had a mal-formed cervix.  We kept trying though.  Mable was a pet, and she was loved.  We even bought a bull for her, Patriot, but she still couldn't get bred.  Unfortunately, on a farm, especially a smaller farm as ours, we can't have free loaders.  We made the difficult decision to send her to freezer camp.  She is being dry aged as I type, and I rest easier knowing she will provide nourishment for my family.  We are still on the hunt for other Dexter cows, as we LOVE the breed. And we LOVE the Dexter community.  The lady that sold us Mable has been so generous.  My dream is to milk my cow in my barn, and make cheese.  lol  I'm serious. 

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